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Micro Bubble Ozone Washing Station

Saving Water Saving Energy
Production Information

Micro Bubble Ozone Washing System

Increased cleaning ability with Micro Bubbles.

Suitable for washing vegetables, fruits, fish, meat and other food ingredients

Micro Bubbles with a size of 0.2 microns, can dive deep into the crevices of produce to remove dirt and bacteria. Smaller bubbles lead to increased contact area.
It’s very suitable for washing fruits and vegetables, such as mushrooms, celery, spinach, cucumber, apples, tomatoes, lemon, strawberries, and grapes, to remove pesticides and some organic chemical.
Ozone is dissolved into the water using Micro Bubbles, leading to increased dissolved ozone levels, reduced off-gas and less ozone input required.

  • Remove bacteria
  • Remove pesticides, organic chemicals
  • Remove dirt & bad odors.
  • Extend freshness for vegetables, fruits, fish, and meat for longer time.
Three washing modes selectable:
  1. Micro Bubbles
  2. Auto Mixing
  3. Total Soak (Alternate between Micro Bubbles and Auto Mixing)
The Washing time: Set the system to wash for 5, 10 or 15 minutes.
The Washing Modes: Choose either Micro Bubble soak, Auto Mixing or Total Soak.
The Auto Mixing: Jets of water mix the fruits and vegetables allowing for total cleaning.
The Manual stirring not required, reduces labor and risk of cross-contamination.
Product Functions
  • Clean food with ozonized Micro Bubbles.  Kill bacteria, remove pesticides, keep food fresh and remove solid particles.
  • Sanitize hard to wash vegetables such as broccoli and lettuce.
  • Automatic tank cleaning and filtration, prevents food from soaking in dirty water.
  • Reduce water usage.
  • Reduce labor costs and free employees for other jobs.
  • Easy to install.
Comparison with traditional rinsing:
Item Traditional Water Washing Micro Bubble Ozone Washing
Types Traditional Rinsing Deep Clean Soak
Washing time 20 minutes 5 minutes
Water quantity 440 liters 40 liters
Labor required 20 minutes of rinsing by hand 1 minute to place and remove produce
Purchasing Standard purchase quantity Purchase in bulk for larger discounts
Spoiled food Standard quantity Keeps food fresh, reduces spoilage
Corporate image Standard marketing Can emphasize restaurant’s commitment to food safety
SGS International UG/2007/80038A-01 test reports prove the system creates more than 1,236,000 anions/c.c. Patented in Taiwan, the USA, China, etc.
Product Name Micro Bubble
Ozone Washing
Micro Bubble
Ozone Washing
Model No. MP06X-C-PS MP06X-C-PU
Dimension 680x580x800mm 450x210x300mm
Dimension(with faucet) 680x580x1170mm N/A
Power 1φ110V/220V
Operating Current 0.55KW 0.55KW
Water Capacity 40L 40L Ok
Micro Bubble Flow
(SMB Mode)
15 L/min±5  15 L/min±5 
Amount of the spout (SPA Mode) 25 L/min±5  N/A
Size of the inlet and outlet 1/2”NPT 1/2”NPT
Water Supply Pipe Size 1/2”NPT 1/2”NPT
Cleaning Tank Drain Size 1”NPT N/A
Overflow Drain Size 3/4”NPT N/A