Green-Tak Anti-oxidant Alkaline Water Ionizer
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Anti-oxidant Alkaline Water Ionizer

Why should we drink alkaline ionized water?
We know the differences:
    1. Small molecular cells, easy for body to absorb.
    2. Alkaline water, balance body PH.
    3. Negative ORP, eliminate free radicals, anti-oxidant!!
Advantages of drinking alkaline ionized water:
  • Provides body lots of oxygen, more energetic
  • Removes accumulated acid wastes and toxins from the body (detoxification), immune system is enhanced.
  • Retards the aging process with its negative ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential).
  • eliminate free radicals in your body; antioxidant
  • Cooking with alkaline ionized water can improve nutrient absorption and taste.
  • Ionized calcium and minerals are more easily absorbed by the body.
  • Helps relieve seasonal allergies.
Alkaline Ionized Water:
  • PH 8.0~9.5 Daily drinking water PH range, can supply more electrolytes, ionized calcium and minerals than other water.
  • PH 10 Making tea, coffee or cooking, can provide smooth taste and more nutrition.
  • PH 10.5 Washing vegetables and fruit, can resolve pesticide and organics, chemicals, can bring fresh and healthy food.
Acidic Ionized Water:
  • PH 5.5 Daily face washing, can help face skincare and cleaning.
  • PH 3.0 Foot immersion, can prevent from some foot skin disease.
  • PH 2.7 Washing sea food, can sterilize bacteria and reduce bad smell.
Green-Tak Antioxidant Alkaline Water Ionizer
Model :  GT-W7
Electrode Material :  Titanium Platinum sinter electrodes
PH Level : 8.0~10
ORP Value:   -250~400mv
Watt:  Max. 160 watt
Electrodes:  7pcs Platinum Plate
Electrode Plate Size:   total 1296 cm2
Weight:  6kgs
Unit Size :  W 23 x D 14 x H 33 cm 


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